With over 25 years of experience, Able Fence  is one of the oldest names in fencing in the Charleston area. We started right after Hugo devastated our area. We have been locally owned and operated since 1989. We keep our customers happy and sales are always based on honesty. After all these years later, we are proud that our fence company is built on quality, honesty and word-of-mouth.

Our company owner is retired military, and as such offers a true military discount. We also extend this discount to fire men and police officers.

Why is fencing so important?  Well, just think of all the advantages of a fence! First, imagine for a minute not being able to confine your children or pets.  They could wander out of the yard or even worse, someone or something could wander in.  

Secondly, they are so very important for privacy.  Residential neighborhoods have very little privacy and a wooden or vinyl fence will solve that problem immediately.  

Third, you may have something in your yard or business area that you would prefer not be visible such as large dumpsters.  Fencing will keep these eyesores hidden.  

And what about property values?  Fences have been shown to dramatically increase the value of a home and even make the footage seem larger. Finally, you may need to keep critters out if you live in a place like Florida, where Florida Fence Outlet builds alligator proof fences.  No lie!

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